Roknäs Fiskevårdsförening lease Laxtjärn

Laxtjärn is a small lake which lies between Åträsk and Brattknabben, about 10 km from Lillpite. The lake implanted the game fish twice a year in conjunction with fish premieres.
Around Laxtjärn there are several fireplaces. Directly adjacent to Laxtjärn there is also the possibility of free wilderness camping and caravan

Roknäs Fiskevårdsförening is a small non-profit organization. The association has been around since 1992. The Board consists of 13 members, all of them volunteers with the association and Laxtjärn. Anyone who has solved fishing license is a member of the association.

Roknäs Fiskevårdsförening will work to the general public should be able to at a reasonable cost to fish in a stocked lake.